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Kool Keith


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Kool Keith TASHAN DORRSETT Vinyl Record
Kool Keith TASHAN DORRSETT Vinyl Record


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Product Description

Kool Keith is a legend, his distinctive flow first heard on the classic late 1980's Ultramagnetic MC's tracks, and since then on record as Dr. Octagon, Rhythm X, Black Elvis, Dr. Dooom, Big Willie Smith, Sinister 6000, and in the groups Cenobites, Masters of Illusion, Diesel Truckers, Project Polaroid and more. Tashan Dorrsett is his newest (and freshest) alias in a long list of pseudonyms. The album (a true 'album' - not a collection of tracks cobbled together by someone outside Keith's circle) is a departure from his more science fiction/fantasy-oriented characters (Dr. Octagon & Dr. Dooom), he instead offers up a gritty Bronx reality show, starring Tashan as the antihero - the concept described by Keith in his own words:"Tashan Dorrsett is the reality person from New York City with an image of being real and regular, dealing with daily life situations. The essence of urban living to it's all time fullest, block after block, the brick buildings, the hot sun... Areas and struggles of the ghetto I myself walked and experienced. You can't live it through television, you have to walk out and touch it like I've done for years. To all the areas that many people will not visit, I will constantly."The album is entirely produced by DJ Junkaz Lou, who has worked closely with Keith in the past (The Collabs Tape, Official Space Tape), as well as with Kutmasta Kurt, Marc Live, Mr. Sche & Tim Dog. His production style augments Keith's lyric well, a sinister edge complementing the day to day events relayed by Tashan Dorrsett.

Track List
  1. The Real Beginner
  2. Tashan
  3. Booty Clap
  4. We Turn (Skit)
  5. Black Lagoon
  6. New Shhhiiit
  7. Indian
  8. Track Runner
  9. Industry
  10. Zapp
  11. Magnetic Junkadelic (Junkadelic Remix)
  12. Supa Supreme (Larry Hutch Remix)
  13. Booty Clap (Remix)
  14. Flow Smooth (Kutmasta Kurt Remix)
  15. Intro
  16. Supa Supreme (Larry Hutch Remix)
  17. Above Sea Level
  18. Flow Smooth
  19. Glamour Life
  20. La Chacha
  21. Magnetic Junkadelic

Each record is protected within its record sleeve by a white vellum anti-dust sleeve.

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