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Mobb Deep: Infamy LP (Vinyl)

Loud Records Mobb Deep: Infamy LP (Vinyl)
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Mobb Deep: Infamy LP (Vinyl)

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Infamy is the fifth studio album by Mobb Deep, originally released on December 11, 2001 and is now being re-released on 150-gram black vinyl on June 1st.

Featuring the singles “The Learning (Burn)” and “Hey Luv (Anything)” feat. 112, the gold selling album also features guest appearances by Lil’ Mo, Ron Isley and more.

Disc 1 Side 1
1. Pray For Me (Explicit Album Version)
2. Get Away
3. Bounce (Explicit Album Version)
4. Clap (Main Version)

Disc 1 Side 2
1. Kill That Nigga (Kill That) (Explicit Album Version)
2. My Gats Spitting (Explicit Album Version)
3. Handcuffs (Explicit Album Version)
4. Hey Luv (Anything) (Unedited Album Version)

Disc 2 Side 1
1. The Learning (Burn) (Main Version)
2. Live Foul (Explicit Album Version)
3. Hurt Niggas (Hurt) (Explicit Album Version)
4. Get At Me (Explicit Album Version)

Disc 2 Side 2
1. I Won't Fall (Explicit Album Version)
2. Crawlin (Explicit Album Version)
3. Nothing Like Home (Explicit Album Version)
4. There I Go Again

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