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Lucky Millinder


Lucky Millinder BEST OF CD
Lucky Millinder BEST OF CD
Lucky Millinder


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Track List
  1. Who Said Shorty Wasn't Coming Backhenry Glover
  2. Mr. Trumpet ManAnnisteen Allen
  3. Let It Roll Again (Big) John Greer
  4. My Little Baby (Big) John Greer
  5. The Jumpin Jack (Big) John Greer
  6. Clap Your Hands (Big) John Greer
  7. Please Open Your HeartLee Richardson
  8. Silent George Myra Johnson and the band
  9. Chew Tobacco RagJohn Carroll
  10. Georgia Rose
  11. I'm Waiting Just for Youannisteen Allen & John Carroll
  12. Bongo Boogieby Annisteen Allen
  13. The Right Kind of Lovinannisteen Allen, Melvin Moore And (Brother) John Sellers
  14. No One Else Could Be Annisteen Allen & Melvin Moore
  15. It's Been a Long Long Timeannisteen Allen & Melvin Moore
  16. The Grape VineMelvin Moore
  17. Please Be Careful Pigmeat Peterson
  18. Loaded With Love Corky Robbins & Johnny Bosworth
  19. When I Gave You My LoveCorky Robbins & Johnny Bosworth
  20. Lord Knows I Tried Hey Jackson
  21. I'm Here Lovecathy Ryan
  22. It's a Sad Sad Feeling Cathy Ryan & the Admirals
  23. Ow!Sam The Man Taylor on tenor saxophone;
  24. Goody Good Love Robert Bubber Johnson, also with The Admirals
This is a new, unopened CD in its original packaging.
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