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Mighty Hannibal HANNIBALISM CD
Mighty Hannibal HANNIBALISM CD


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Track List
  1. Big Chief Hug-Um An' Kiss-Um
  2. Take A Chance On Me
  3. Please Take A Chance On Me
  4. Motha Goose Breaks Loose
  5. Fall In Love With Me
  6. My Name Is Hannibal
  7. The Biggest Cry
  8. I Need A Woman ('Cause I'm A Man)
  9. Baby Please Change Your Mind
  10. My Kinda Girl
  11. All Nite Long
  12. Jerkin' The Dog
  13. In The Midnight Hour (Live, The Beat TV Show)
  14. Hymn No.5
  15. Fishin' Pole
  16. Shame, Shame
  17. Trying To Make It Through
  18. Get Back
  19. The Right To Love You
  20. Good Time
  21. I Just Want Some Love
  22. Get In The Groove
  23. Somebody In The World For You
  24. We're Gonna Make It
  25. Meet Me At Mary's Place
  26. I'm Coming Home
  27. The Truth Shall Make You Free
  28. Party Life
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