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Vitamin String Quartet

VSQ Performs Tool's Ænima

Vitamin String Quartet VSQ Performs Tool's Ænima

VSQ Performs Tool's Ænima

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Release Date: 4/25/2006

VSQ Performs Tool’s Ænima is a breathtaking journey through Tool’s masterpiece. A handpicked group of musicians have used violins, viola, and cello to explore the emotional depths of such songs as “Forty-Six & 2” and “Third Eye.” Each movement of the bow elicits moody and nuanced notes. These string interpretations prove that Tool are truly modern day composers.

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01 - Stinkfist, 02 - Eulogy, 03 - H., 04 - Useful Idiot, 05 - Forty-Six & 2, 06 - Message to Harry Manback, 07 - Hooker with a Penis, 08 - Intermission, 09 - Jimmy, 10 - Die Eier Von Satan, 11 - Pushit, 12 - Cesaro Summability, 13 - Aenema, 14 - (-) Ions, 15 - Third Eye


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