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Vitamin String Quartet

VSQ Performs Björk - LP (Vinyl)

Vitamin String Quartet VSQ Performs Björk - LP (Vinyl)
Vitamin String Quartet VSQ Performs Björk - LP (Vinyl)

VSQ Performs Björk - LP (Vinyl)

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Product Description

Vinyl Release Date: 4/13/2019 

Available for Purchase: 10/14/2019

When Björk won the 2010 Polar Music Prize, it was in recognition of her "deeply personal music and lyrics, her precise arrangements and her unique voice." Truer words couldn’t be spoken for exactly why Vitamin String Quartet had to honor the Icelandic icon. Throughout her career, she has radiated an eclectic and avant-garde air, incorporating aspects of electronic, experimental, glitch, jazz, alternative rock, and contemporary classical music. She consistently defies categorization and VSQ was passionate about making an album that reflected that audacious outlook. Björk often calls herself a pop artist. VSQ considers her restlessly innovative and ethereal, something they’ve strived for in equal measure on this record.

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01 New World, 02 Human Behaviour, 03 Pagan Poetry, 04 Venus as a Boy, 05 Army of Me, 06 Hunter, 07 Wanderlust, 08 Crystalline, 09 Hyper-ballad Hyper Ballad, 10 Jóga Joga, 11 Tabula Rasa, 12 All Is Full of Love, 13 Atom Dance

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