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‎– The Same And The Other LP (Vinyl)

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Ahleuchatistas ‎– The Same And The Other LP (Vinyl)

‎– The Same And The Other LP (Vinyl)

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Ahleuchatistas ‎– The Same And The Other LP

Ahleuchatistas is an instrumental guitar/bass/drums trio from Asheville, NC that offer a unique musical voice in contemporary rock music; their work is a cutting cultural critique and a joyous musical experience. Their sound is as striped down as it can come. They use no effects whatsoever and they combine elements of jazz, punk rock, post-electronic, progressive rock and minimalism. Ahleuchatistas has been compared to Ruins, Captain Beefheart, John Zorn, Don Caballero, Fantomas, King Crimson, Hella and Minutemen. As Joe Tangari of Pitchfork media states: “the band’s compositions range from tightly coiled agit-punk to stretched, labyrinthine epics that turn on a dime and frequently veer into sharp dissonance or unexpectedly lacerating detours. The songs’ unpredictable spontaneity stems less from improvisatory jamming than from meticulous composition.

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