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Bauhaus MASK CD
Bauhaus MASK CD


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In 1981, Bauhaus had no competition in the field of "Goth" music and could afford to experiment a little. MASK is the group's second album, and it contains some of their best work. There is the groove of "Dancing", a track that contains one of the album's two curious references to ballet dancer Nijinsky (the other is in "Muscle in Plastic"), and the creepy "Hollow Hills", it's bass-driven skeleton decorated with distant peals of feedback and sparse drumming. The title cut features Peter Murphy singing over a backwards music track that adds considerable menace to the bizarre lyrics. Originally 10 songs long, the CD adds five supplemental tracks gathered from singles. These extra tracks include the comparatively straightforward white reggae of "Harry" and a weird 4-part song wherein each band member takes the lead. Bassist David Jay sets the falsely soothing tale of a trial to the rattle of a drum machine. Murphy's piece is a guide to making fish cakes.

Track List
  1. Hair Of The Dog
  2. Passion Of Lovers
  3. Of Lillies And Remains
  4. Dancing
  5. Hollow Hills
  6. Kick In The Eye 2
  7. In Fear Of Fear
  8. Muscle In Plastic
  9. The Man With The X-Ray Eyes
  10. Mask
  11. In Fear Of Dub
  12. Ear Wax
  13. Harry
  14. 1. David Jay/2. Peter Murphy/3. Kevin Haskins/4. Daniel Ash
  15. Satori
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