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    'Useless Generation' Vinyl Record

    Bazooka 'Useless Generation' Vinyl Record

    'Useless Generation' Vinyl Record

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    Product Description

    It’s Autumn, 2015 A.D., and in Greece there is insufficient cause for celebration. The country is in economic ruin, and the natives are restless. The Volos tribe known as BAZOOKA is miffed to say the least, yet they say the most. They deliver the verbiage in their mother tongue, poisonous and pissed, for the duration of their scathing second LP “Useless Generation.”

    These eleven tracks of turbulent, psychedelic punk brilliantly commandeer the unique sense of youthful contempt of what surely must be the current global vortex of corruption and frustration, yet BAZOOKA sallies forth with dutiful abandon.

    The sessions that produced “Useless Generation” have yielded a sonic result that would humble the mighty Zeus. Unnerving banshee howls drench the soundscape, surreal, and at times, miraculously humorous.

    Often stiff, militant and urgent, this newest effort makes no qualms with slathering a syrupy dose of synthesizers bending around the crest of the lunar rising, utilizing reverb soaked woodwinds that spiral down from a 5th flight, and employing totemic canter handed down through the millennia while remaining constantly searing.

    1. Useless Generation
    2. Achristi Genia, Soul Vessels
    3. Psihothikes, The Screen
    4. Othoni, Wild Nature
    5. Agria Fisi, Repetition
    6. Epanalipsi, A Woman
    7. Gineka, Lie
    8. Psema, All Within You Fits
    9. Olos Mesa Su Horai, They Travel
    10. Taksidevun, Magic Fingers
    11. Mageika Dachtila, Tied To Your Bed
    12. Demenos Sto Krevati Su
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