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2008 digitally remastered and expanded edition. Bill Fay, first released on the Nova label, was a work both sumptuous and delicately melancholic. Featuring string arrangements by Jazz musician Mike Gibbs, sessions would also feature guitarist Ray Russell. This reissue also adds Fay's first recorded offerings, the single 'Screams in the Ears' B&W; 'Some Good Advice', which appeared in 1967, produced by Peter Eden and featuring South end band the Fingers, as backing band. As a songwriter, the music written and recorded by Bill Fay has taken many years to reach the audience it deserves, thanks mainly to Wilco covering Fay's "Be Not So Fearful", a song featured on Fay's first album. Bill Fay's work now has the patronage of a younger generation of musicians to bring Fay the critical accolades he deserved. Fay's supremely creative muse has deservedly come full circle. Esoteric.

Track List
  1. Garden Song
  2. Sun Is Bored
  3. We Want You To Stay
  4. Narrow Way
  5. We Have Laid Here
  6. Sing Us One Of Your Songs May
  7. Gentle Willie
  8. Methane River
  9. Room
  10. Goodnight Stan
  11. Cannons Plain
  12. Be Not So Fearful
  13. Down To The Bridge
  14. Screams In The Ears
  15. Some Good Advice
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