I Remember'

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I Remember'

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First release for the electric band line-up since 1998

London band Bromide’s new album ‘I Remember’ is a nostalgic rollercoaster ride round the icons of scuffed up fuzzy guitar pop. There’s nods to 80s hardcore heroes Husker Du, the yearning melodies of Teenage Fanclub, the gymnastic pop/rock straddling of The Only Ones and even mid-70s Top of the Popster Steve Harley gets a look in on lead track ‘Wheels’.

Elsewhere there are encounters with rediscovered jazz legends and whimsical buskers ‘Henry Grimes’, the tale of a teenage quest for the seeds of flower power ‘Lion Tamer’s Jacket’ and in the title track ‘I Remember’ an array or early musical memories assembled in a dream sequence show and tell. Magnetic Fields get a good going over as well with a Les Paul friendly re-working of their classic 'I don't want to get over you'.

At the helm is legendary producer Brian O’Shaughnessy (Primal Scream, MBV) dispensing an economy to proceedings that’s got Robert Pollard checking his stopwatch.

Bromide are - Simon Berridge (Guitar/Vocals), Ed Lush (Drums) and Hugo Wilkinson (Bass/Backing vocals)

“Romping, indie-pop blast that recalls the heyday of The Only Ones” The Times

“Like an ultra loud cross between Dinosaur Jr and The Lemonheads”  Kerrang

"If Husker Du were Neil Young’s backing band.." Vis the Spoon (Promoter)

1. Wheels 
2. Gravity Glue 
3. Hotwired To My Memories 
4. Saddest Thing (That Didn't Matter In The World) 
5. Henry Grimes 
6. Mr. Ciccone's Daughter 
7. I Don't Want To Get Over You 
8. 2 Front Teeth 
9. Lion Tamer's Jacket
10. I Remember

Release date: 26th January 2015

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