'Fly Juice' Vinyl Record

Dva 'Fly Juice' Vinyl Record

'Fly Juice' Vinyl Record

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Vinyl 2x12"

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DVA started off Hyperdub’s barrage of albums in 2012 with his brilliant ‘Pretty Ugly', and now closes the the year with the ‘Fly Juice’ EP’s bumper selection of machine tooled tracks, each created for optimum dancefloor damage and road tested by DVA, Kode9 and a select bunch of DJs.

These tracks (four on the double-pack vinyl, with four extra on the digital version) are a brilliant example of what he’s been describing as “power house” for a while, a colourful chunky techno sound that switches up every 8 bars like grime and has plenty of shuffle and offbeat swing as a counterpoint to the 4/4 drums.

‘Fly Juice’ opens with sweet jazz funk Rhodes before dropping into weightless bouncey chopped vocals and stuttering drums building through 8 bar patterns - with the Rhodes as a sweetner, it’s bliss! ‘Do It’ runs a stuttering voice, a huge deep bassline and relentless building stabs against shuffling drums.

On 'Walk it Out’, the repetition of the title over a pummelling two note melody is positively dumb, but pitched against swirling effects and whooshing chords the effect is epic.

'Long Street' features a collaboration with South African producer Big Space, and echoes the sound of early UK bleep and bass with a stern melody, breaking down into swirling Detroit-like chords, while shuffling along on a crisp, scissoring rhythm.

After the sweet and sour songfulness of his album 'Pretty Ugly', the ‘Fly Juice’ EP shows DVA returning to his dancefloor roots. As an amazing DJ/producer, you can expect more of this in 2013.

1. Fly Juice
2. Do It
3. Walk It Out
4. Long Street Feat. Big Space

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