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Evans The Death

'S-T' Vinyl Record

Evans The Death 'S-T' Vinyl Record

'S-T' Vinyl Record

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Product Description

Evans the Death self-titled debut album. Filled with twelve blistering tracks they weave a distinctive magic, coupling main songwriter Dan Moss’ gift for melody with Katherine Whitaker’s unique vocal mannerisms.

The songs both document and channel the exuberance of youth via the prism of five pop music obsessives and were recorded late Summer 2011 with producer Ex-Test Icicle and current Warm Brains man Rory Atwell (Veronica Falls, Male Bonding, The Vaccines). Dan describes what the band were aiming for:

"We wanted to make the best sounding record that we possibly could as we're bored of bands just settling for a half-arsed sound. There were no real fixed reference points when we made it; we just borrowed stuff from any of the pop music that we've grown up with. I think it's also a very economical album. There's no dilly-dallying around when there should instead be a hook there. We're very proud of it and glad we paid little or no attention to what is currently fashionable in music."

1. Bo Diddley 
2. Catch Your Cold 
3. Sleeping Song / So Long 
4. Letter Of Complaint 
5. Telling Lies 
6. Morning Voice 
7. Threads 
8. A Small Child 
9. I'm So Unclean 
10. What's In Your Pocket? 
11. Wet Blanket 
12. You're Joking 

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