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Film School


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Film School HIDEOUT CD
Film School HIDEOUT CD


$12.99 $11.69
For a limited time only
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Product Description

Their second full-length builds on the band's pretty shoegazer pop and richly textured space rock soundscapes by emphasizing powerful rhythms and beautiful melodies that take the songwriting to a whole new level. HIDEOUT is more like a sonic galazy that engulfs you from all angles. You're enveloped by layers of reverb, loops and the interplay of male/female voices. a driving, forceful rhythm section fuels a propulsive energy that gives an urgent quality to much of the album, whereas other tracks convey a wistful melancholy. It's this combination of ethereal atmosphere and strong rhythm that makes the album wholly compelling and promises a powerful live experience.

Track List
  1. Dear Me
  2. Lectric
  3. Meanmedian Mode
  4. Sick Hipster Nursed By Suicide Girl
  5. Must Try Easier
  6. Two Kinds
  7. Capitalized I
  8. Go Down Together
  9. Compare
  10. Florida
  11. Blizzard Scout
  12. Plots And Plans
  13. What I Meant To Say
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