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$42.74 $47.49
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Track List
  1. Slum Goddess
  2. Ah, Sunflower Weary Of Time
  3. Supergirl
  4. Swinburne Stomp
  5. I Couldn't Get High
  6. How Sweet I Roamed From Field To F Eld
  7. Carpe Diem
  8. My Baby Done Left Me
  9. Boobs A Lot
  10. Nothing
  11. We're The Fugs
  12. Defeated
  13. The Ten Commandments
  14. Cia Man
  15. In The Middle Of Their First Recor Ing Session The Fugs Sign The Worst
  16. I Saw The Best Minds Of My Generat On Rock
  17. Spontaneous Salute At Andy Warholi
  18. War Kills Babies
  19. The Fugs National Anthem
  20. The Fugs Spaghetti Death - No Rede Ption No Redemption (a Glop of Spa
  21. The Rhapsody Of Tuli
  22. Frenzy
  23. I Want To Know
  24. Skin Flowers
  25. Group Grope
  26. Coming Down
  27. Dirty Old Man
  28. Kill For Peace
  29. Morning Morning
  30. Doin' All Right
  31. Virgin Forest
  32. I Want To Know
  33. Mutant Stomp
  34. Carpe Diem
  35. Wide, Wide River
  36. Nameless Voices Crying For Kindnes
  37. We Don't Allow No Robots In Sunday School
  38. Crystal Liaison
  39. The Peace Eye Sequence
  40. Six Pack Of Sunshine
  41. Four Minutes To Twelve
  42. Carpe Diem
  43. J Edgar Hoover Is Paranoid
  44. The Final Moments Of J Humpington Illsworth
  45. Jimmy Joe, The Hippybilly Boy
  46. The Garden Is Open
  47. Johnny Pissoff # 2
  48. I Couldn't Get High
  49. Breadtray Mountain
  50. "Hello Fleshlovers!" A Sample Of T Ning In The 1960s
  51. War Song '68
  52. Tuli Sings "When The Mode Of The M Sic Changes"
  53. Elegy For Robert Kennedy
  54. The Full Nothing
  55. Community Breast Nada
  56. Players Theater Nada-nada
  57. Garnight
  58. Nothing
  59. The "Write Underwater" Supergirl (Lternate)
  60. Aaah, Sunflower, Weary Of Time (Al Ernate)
  61. I'm Going To Kill Myself Over (Alt Rnate)
  62. Johnny Pissoff & the Red Angel (De O)
  63. Two Drunkards On The Spaceship (De O)
  64. As My Mood Weeps (Demo)
  65. Street Punk (Demo)
  66. Fragmentation Bomb (Demo)
  67. The Enormous Truth Of Tuli
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