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Groovie Ghoulies


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Groovie Ghoulies APPETITE FOR ADRENOCHROME Vinyl Record
Groovie Ghoulies APPETITE FOR ADRENOCHROME Vinyl Record


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Product Description

Step back into our Little Rock and roll time machine.... don't worry, we're not going TOO far back, let's say how about 25 years? to a time when a younger Kepi Ghoulie rounded up a bunch of guys named John (yes, John Vetter on bass, John Rudgers on guitar, John Sosa on drums) and drove from L.A. to Sacramento to record his FIRST FULL LENGTH recording as The Groovie Ghoulies! (recorded by a guy named John, no less!) Recorded in two days (yes TWO DAYS, all musical tracks were laid down on a Saturday, vocals and mixing on Sunday), the band rehearsed and recorded the entire album in the sequence that you hear it on the record, to save time and money and be as prepared as they could! Listen closely and you will hear anywhere from two to five songs connect musically without any interruption whatsoever! a crash course in 80's rock, punk, garage, and underground/indie "pop", "Appetite for Adrenochrome" reflects the urgency of a bunch of young bucks trying to get their "message" out, and also is a fun little time capsule of the mad, mish-mash of music that was going on in Los Angeles at the time, with bands like Redd Kross, Haunted Garage, Celebrity Skin, and up-and-comers L7 and GWAR... The Groovie Ghoulies played shows and found camaraderie in these like minded, go-all-out, fellow rock bands. This era also found them playing great events, like a Herschell Gordon Lewis (2,000 Maniacs) film fest/lecture, years before Rob Zombie and the Ramones started hosting events in the "Hollywood Forever" cemetery. The Groovie Ghoulies have always been a bit of "Hollywood Outsiders", never quite fitting in to certain genres and pigeon-shaped holes, and with "Appetite for Adrenochrome", you can kind of see the evolution of little Kepi taking his home made drum machine recordings out of the basement and to the streets with the first semi-solid, fully electric line up of a musical legacy that lasts until this day! Enjoy!

Track List
  1. Lost Generation
  2. Do the Bat
  3. Armageddon 2000
  4. 2000 Man
  5. My Computer Said Kill
  6. The King Kong Stomp
  7. No Blood
  8. Don't Go Out Into the Rain (You're Going to Melt)
  9. The Blob
  10. Dead End
  11. Blood Beach
  12. Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)
  13. Ghoul Chant
  14. Beth

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