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Half Japanese

Why Not? - White LP Vinyl

$39.77 $52.60
For a limited time only
Half Japanese / Why Not? - White LP Vinyl
Half Japanese / Why Not? - White LP Vinyl

Why Not? - White LP Vinyl

$39.77 $52.60
For a limited time only
In Stock
$16.80 standard shipping (estimated)
Delivery: Estimated between Mon Apr 19 to Thu Apr 22
Ships from Canada

Product Description

  • Limited Color Edition 
  • 140-gram White Vinyl 
  • Includes download card 

Track Listing: 

A1 The Future Is Ours 
A2 The Face 
A3 Why Not? 
A4 Amazing 
A5 Demons Of Doom 
A6 A Word To The Wise 
B1 Bring On The Night 
B2 Zombie Island Massacre 
B3 Better Days 
B4 Spaceship To Mars 
B5 Why'D They Do It? 
B6 Magic 
B7 Falling 

Half Japanese have returned to peel further layers from their onion. They have a new album that’s a square further on in their unpredictable musical snakes and ladders board. ‘Why Not?’ is a magical thing – it’s Springsteen’s ‘Born To Run’ recorded in a cupboard, it’s an ode to love, it’s a Wire song with two duelling guitarists being Zappa on helium, it’s Parquet Courts in a tantrum, it’s The Crickets contorted into? and The Mysterians, it’s everywhere and nowhere, baby, it’s where it’s at.

On ‘Why Not?’ nuances are mused, situations explained, questions asked. Outside, zombies and demons roam and everyday aliens emerge from spaceships: it’s a technicolor film transcribed by Jad Fair and friends John Sluggett, Gilles-Vincent Rieder, Mick Hobbs and Jason Willett, their faces at the cracked window of their subterranean habitat looking out at the real world. 

They’re on a high from their last release:
“After all these years, his wiry voice still hits every song with a shock that’s equal parts joy buzzer and defibrillator, each barely in-key bleat alternating between laughable and life-affirming,” said Pitchfork of their last opus ‘Hear The Lion Roar’. 

To which All Music added that “after nearly 40 years of music-making, they’re still creating some of the most engaging recordings of their lives, and that’s truly something to believe in.” 

‘Why Not?’ goes further. It’s an even more intense concoction, it’s further out there. It contains pieces of fluffy thought-provoking music, a bag of sentiments delivered with a real sense of wonderment at how the normal world revolves; all powered with heart and soul, some crunchy guitars, a cello and reverb set-to-kill infiltrating their storytelling. 

‘Why’d They Do It?’ quizzes track 11. Because they can.

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