Katastrophy Wife

All Kneel' Vinyl Record

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Katastrophy Wife 'All Kneel' Vinyl Record

All Kneel' Vinyl Record

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Vinyl LP - 180g Blue

Product Description

Available on 180g coloured vinyl + DL, 2CD and digital download.

A decade on from it’s critically acclaimed UK release, Katastrophy (Kat-as-trophy) Wife’s sophomore album “All Kneel” finally makes its way to an international release and it’s long-awaited vinyl and digital debut. Having cut an iconic swathe thorough alternative rock in the late 80’s and 1990’s with her band Babes in Toyland, Kat Bjelland reemerged from a brief musical hiatus in 2001 with Katastrophy Wife's debut “Amusia”, recorded in her home state of Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her then husband, Glen Mattson (Drums) and Keith St. Louis (Bass). Released to  favourable reviews and a UK live debut headlining at the coveted Reading & Leeds Festivals the band soon became a favourite amongst rock critics and fans alike.

Alternating between her home in Minneapolis and Birmingham, England, Bjelland enlisted the talents of Andrew Parker (Bass), Darren Donovan (Drums) and Vanessa White (Additional Guitars) to co-write and record the bands second offering “All Kneel” in late 2003. Drawing influence from her new surroundings Bjelland & Co. collaborated with Producer Gavin Monaghan (Editors, Goldblade, The Twang) to create what has been cited as Bjelland’s finest output to date, the aptly titled “All Kneel”.

Opening with pummelling riffs and frenzied melody the fan favourite “Liberty Belle” sets the bar for this chainsaw-wielding drag-race of an album that segues through 11 tracks of intelligent and aggressive punk-rock genius. Whipping up a hard and fast racket with standout tracks like “Money Shot” and ”Sweetheart” before briefly offsetting the dirty for the sweet, with acclaimed singer-songwriter Carina Round on the collaborative “Blue Valient”, with its aching vocals that cruelly caress before the relentless pounding drums and aural onslaught reprise for the bone-crunching “Emit Time” and "Layne to Rest", Bjelland’s unsettling and touching tribute Alice in Chains singer Layne Stanley.

Marking it’s 10th Anniversary release the album comes complete with the complimentary Bonus Album “For Your Patients”, a 10 track compilation of previously unreleased, rare and exclusive bonus recordings, including alternative takes on album tracks: “Sweetheart” and “No Thing” from Babes in Toyland Producer Tim Mac (“Nemesisters”) and the electro-remix of “Liberty Belle" by indie-icons Bis. Re-packaged, complete with lyrics and original band photography this 10th Anniversary Edition is available on 180g coloured vinyl + DL, 2CD and digital download.

1. Liberty Belle 
2. Money Shot 
3. Sweetheart 
4. Blue Valient with Carina Round 
5. Emit Time 
6. Ice Cream & Cigarettes 
7. Babydoll 
8. Asstroglide 
9. No Thing 
10. Layne to Rest 
11. Suffrage.. 
All Kneel: For Your Patients : 
1. Ice Cream & Cigarettes (Neil is the Only One Version) 
2. Money Shot (Demo) 
3. Sweetheart (Tim Mac Version) 
4. No Thing (Tim Mac Version) 
5. Blue Valient (Stripped) 
6. Alectronancy 
7. Liberty Belle (Bis Remix) 
8. Blue Valient with Carina Round (Jon Glass Remix) 
9. Sweetheart (Spatula Remix) 
10. Wind-Up Monkey
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