A Place In The Sun Coffee Package

Lit A Place In The Sun Coffee Package

A Place In The Sun Coffee Package

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A Place In The Sun Coffee Package includes Special Anniversary Blend Medium Roast Coffee Beans and LIT Coffee Mug

Lit Coffee Beans are perfectly balanced organic coffee beans. This blend rounds out the sweet flavors of dark chocolate and cloves with a velvety texture.

After a long night of rock n' roll music and debauchery, we need a couple solid cups of coffee in the morning to help shake the night before and prepare for the next. So we teamed up with Sir. Walter Coffee to come up with a legit roast that we could put our name on. Like the effects it had on the lonely goat herders of the mid-century Ethiopia, after discovering the energizing and invigorating effects it had on his goats when after they consumed the berries from a tree, Lit too seeks these effects throughout our day and night, so that we may continue to bring the rock you expect from your boys. Here's to you- starting your day Lit! See you on the road! 

Ajay, Jeremy, and Kevin - LIT 



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