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Local H

LIFERS Limited Edition Red Splatter Vinyl

Local H - LIFERS Limited Edition Red Splatter Vinyl
Local H
Local H

LIFERS Limited Edition Red Splatter Vinyl

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Product Description

Double LP on standard weight limited edition red splatter vinyl.

LIFERS is the highly anticipated ninth studio album from iconic alt-rock duo, Local H. It’s their first full-length record in five years, and coincides with the band’s 30th anniversary.

Produced by the legendary Steve Albini (Nirvana, Cheap Trick) and the band’s longtime accomplice Andy Gerber, the record features mixing by J. Robbins, and contributions by an array of respected friends and guests, including Juliana Hatfield, John McCauley (Deer Tick), and John Haggerty (Naked Raygun, Pegboy).  

On the genesis of the album, frontman Scott Lucas explains:

“When the re-release of the White Album came out a few years ago, I became re-obsessed all over again. One aspect that really hit me about it (this time) was how it’s not really a concept record — but it feels like a concept record. I wanted to do that with LIFERS. This might be a concept record about the end of the world. Or it might just be a party record with loud guitars and cowbells. ” 


LIFERS vinyl released on April 10th, 2020 via AntiFragile Music.



1 Patrick Bateman 

2 Hold That Thought

3 High Wide And Stupid

4 Turn The Bow

5 Beyond The Valley Of Snakes

6 Sunday Best

7 Winter Western

8 Demon Dreams

9 Farrah

10 Defy And Surrender

11 Innocents

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