Inger Lorre & The Chiefs of Infinity

'Snowflake' Vinyl Record

Inger Lorre & The Chiefs of Infinity 'Snowflake' Vinyl Record

'Snowflake' Vinyl Record

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Vinyl 7"

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Limited to 500 copies worldwide on Snowflake white vinyl.

Infamous former front woman for seminal band, the Nymphs, Inger Lorre is making her long overdue return to the music scene.  Following up 1999’s solo record, Transcendental Medication and the collectable Motel Shootout single, Burn (1995) with a 7” single.

Inger admits her return to the music scene has been a long journey,  “The music I hear on commercial radio stations is mostly uninspiring. It makes me think how lucky I was to be part of that grunge scene and witness the success of bands like Sonic Youth.  So I’ve been gathering my energy.  For me making music is the easy part, dealing with people at major labels – that was always hard.  I never understood the value my music might have to others - I credit Jeff Buckley with making me see that.  Until that point I didn’t feel like I was doing anything important or good…When Jeff died it was just one week after my father passed away, and it took me a long time to be able to move on from that trauma”.

Why now?  “Having good people around me such as Henry Rollins and my long-time publicist and friend Faye has helped me feel strong and safe enough to create new music.  I’m glad to step back into the music industry, independently and on my own terms – I feel empowered.  I also have a new band that are young, talented and full of enthusiasm!”

Inger is currently working on a new album, but welcomes the opportunity to be involved in Record Store Day, “I want to really celebrate the spirit of independence - record stores ran by music fans for music fans. These are the people I want to make great music for!”

“Snowflake is a song summing up the horror and the fear involved in addiction. I’m very pale skinned and ‘Snowflake’ was my street name.  As a teenager and young adult I was trapped in a self-medicating addiction, as a form of protection against physical & verbal abuse and constantly being around alcoholism. As much as it harmed me it also saved me from becoming a teenage suicide. This song is the sound of me walking through fire”. “Hate in my Heart is about the downside of relationships, confused emotions and the fine line between love & hate.  It’s also about making the decision not to take anymore bullshit”. 

A. Snowflake
B. Hate In My Heart
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