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Rockets STORY CD
Rockets STORY CD


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Product Description

A box containing the remastered version of the 7 original albums by this electronic pop band of the 1970's + a Bonus E-book with all the lyrics and a lot of rare pictures in each cd!

Track List
[Disc 1]
  1. Apache (Rockets Album)
  2. Ballade Sur Mars (Rockets Album)
  3. Fils Du Ciel (Rockets Album)
  4. Future Woman (Rockets Album)
  5. Terre Larbour (Rockets Album)
  6. Le Chemin (Rockets Album)
  7. Apesanteur (Rockets Album)
  8. Last Space Train (Rockets Album)
  9. Genese Future (Rockets Album)
  10. Future Woman (Long Version) (Rockets Album)
[Disc 2]
  1. On The Road Again (On The Road Again Album)
  2. Cosmic Race (On The Road Again Album)
  3. Venus Rapsody (On The Road Again Album)
  4. Space Rock (On The Road Again Album)
  5. Astrolights (On The Road Again Album)
  6. Electro-Voice (On The Road Again Album)
  7. Sci Fi Boogie (On The Road Again Album)
[Disc 3]
  1. Electric Delight (Plasteroid Album)
  2. Astral World (Plasteroid Album)
  3. If You Drive (Plasteroid Album)
  4. Legion Of Aliens (Plasteroid Album)
  5. Anastasis (Plasteroid Album)
  6. Cosmic Feeling (Plasteroid Album)
  7. Atlantis Town (Plasteroid Album)
  8. Back To Your (Plasteroid Album)
[Disc 4]
  1. Beta-Gamma (Live)
  2. Anastasis (Live)
  3. Future Woman (Live)
  4. Drums Solo (Live)
  5. Sci-Fi Boogie (Live)
  6. Prologue (Live)
  7. Guitar Visions (Live)
  8. On The Road Again (Live)
  9. Electric Delight (Live)
[Disc 5]
  1. Galactica (Galaxy Album)
  2. Mecanic Bionic (Galaxy Album)
  3. Synthetic Man (Galaxy Album)
  4. One More Mission (Galaxy Album)
  5. Universal Band (Galaxy Album)
  6. Prophecy (Galaxy Album)
  7. In The Black Hole (Galaxy Album)
  8. In The Galaxy (Galaxy Album)
  9. Medley (Galaxy Album)
[Disc 6]
  1. Radiate (3,14 Album)
  2. Imagine E.S.P. (3,14 Album)
  3. Ziga Ziga 999 (3,14 Album)
  4. Hypnotic Reality (3,14 Album)
  5. Ideomatic (3,14 Album)
  6. Video (3,14 Album)
  7. Astro Storm (3,14 Album)
  8. King Of The Universe (3,14 Album)
[Disc 7]
  1. Atomic (Atomic Album)
  2. Some Other Place, Some Other Time (Atomic Album)
  3. Star Vision (Atomic Album)
  4. Run To The Stars (Atomic Album)
  5. Future Game (Atomic Album)
  6. Light Speed Junky (Atomic Album)
  7. The Martian Way (Atomic Album)
  8. Radio Station (Atomic Album)
This is a new, unopened CD in its original packaging.
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