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Track List
  1. I Can'T See You
  2. Wings
  3. Song Of The Magician
  4. Strange Street Affair Under Blue
  5. Valentine Melody
  6. Aren'T You That Girl
  7. Song Slowly Song
  8. It Happens Every Time
  9. Song For Janie
  10. Grief In My Soul
  11. She Is
  12. Understand Your Man
  13. I Can'T See You (Mono)
  14. Wings (Mono)
  15. Song Of The Magician (Mono)
  16. Strange Street Affair Under Blue (Mono)
  17. Valentine Melody (Mono)
  18. Aren'T You That Girl (Mono)
  19. Song Slowly Song (Mono)
  20. It Happens Every Time (Mono)
  21. Song For Janie (Mono)
  22. Grief In My Soul (Mono)
  23. She Is (Mono)
  24. Understand Your Man (Mono)
  25. Put You Down (Demo)
  26. It Happens Every Time (Demo)
  27. Let Me Love You (Demo)
  28. I'Ve Played That Game Before (Demo)
  29. She Is (Demo)
  30. Here I Am (Demo)
  31. Don'T Look Back (Demo)
  32. Call Me If You Do (Demo)
  33. You Today (Demo)
  34. No More (Demo)
  35. Won'T You Please Be My Woman (Demo)
  36. Come On Over (Demo)
  37. She Is (Acoustic Demo)
  38. Aren'T You The Girl (Acoustic Demo)
  39. Found At The Scene Of A Rendezvous That Failed (With Larry Beckett) (Acoustic Demo)
  40. Wings (Acoustic Demo)
  41. My Love Is For You (Acoustic Demo)
  42. Song Slowly Song (Acoustic Demo)
  43. Song Introductions By Larry (Demo)
  44. I Can'T See You (Acoustic Demo)
  45. Birth Day (With Larry Beckett) (Acoustic Demo)
  46. Long Tide (Acoustic Demo)
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