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Ricky Eat Acid 'Talk To You Soon' Digital Album + T-Shirt

Terrible Records Ricky Eat Acid 'Talk To You Soon' Digital Album + T-Shirt

Ricky Eat Acid 'Talk To You Soon' Digital Album + T-Shirt

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This album aims to find some middle ground between all the different styles of music - particularly electronic music & etc - I enjoy. rather than just be a mess of disjointed songs, I wanted to find a way it could pull from different sources all into one thing. sequencing played a big part too, as it moves from more vibrant, candy-neon ~pop~ tracks towards darker, wilder territory, culminating in that fucked up ass black metal track near the end with Wreck & Reference. I like it a lot. it's nice to write something I feel no emotional connection to whatsoever. emotion gets in the way of art. art is a facsimile of emotion; it brings it out and mirrors it in its audience, but doesn't actually carry any specific weight on its own. - Ricky Eat Acid 

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Talk To You Soon Tracklist:
1. 'hey'
2. Nice to See You
3. This is as Close to Heaven as I Get
4. Fucking to Songs on Radios
5. Never Alone in a Dark Room
6. Climbing Up the Big Red Tree
7. Pull
8. Know
9. On the Floor Beneath the Cross
10. Spinning About Under the Bright Light in Bliss
11. Call My Name
12. :')
13. In the Grocery Store
14. As We Speak (Feat Wreck & Reference)
15. On a Good Day
16. 'ok'
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