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Charles Dickens


Charles Dickens


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Track List
[Disc 1]
  1. Transactions of the Pickwick Club
  2. Mr Samuel Pickwick Burst Like Another Sun
  3. Manoeuvres in Rochester
  4. How Mr Pickwick Undertook to Drive
  5. And Mr Winkel Learned to Ride
  6. Mr Wardle of Manor Farm
  7. Softer Feelings in the Bosom of Mr Tracy Tupman
  8. Mr Jingle's Intentions
[Disc 2]
  1. Supper Was Ready Laid
  2. How Much Are They Ahead?
  3. They Resumed Their Journey
  4. Sam Weller-In Striped Waistcoat
  5. Mr Pickwick's Landlady-Mrs Bardell
  6. Ode to an Expiring Frog
  7. On to Bury St Edmunds and a Surprise
  8. Evening in the Grounds of Westgate House
[Disc 3]
  1. Unexpected Lawsuit
  2. Mr Weller, Senior
  3. Peter Magnus, A Suitor
  4. Mr Weller Meets an Old Acqaintance
  5. Oratory of Proposition
  6. George Nupkins, Principal Magistrate
  7. Mr Pickwick's Dinner Is Interrupted
  8. Mr Pickwick Faces Mr Nupkins
  9. Sam Meets Mary
[Disc 4]
  1. Pickwick Christmas
  2. Mr Benjamin Allen and Mr Bob Sawyer
  3. Off to Skating
  4. Fancy-Sliding and Mr Pickwick Takes a Dip
  5. In Court: Bardell Versus Pickwick
  6. Call Nathaniel Winkle
  7. Mr Pickwick's Slumbers Are Interupted
  8. Debtor's Prison
  9. Familiar Faces
  10. Visitors for Mr Pickwick
  11. Mrs Bardell Goes on an Unexpected Journey
  12. Mr Perker Suggests a Solution and Mr Winkle Arrives
  13. More Marriages
  14. Sam Weller Makes His Commitment
  15. Mr Pickwick Announces His Retirement
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