Y2112Y CD

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32Crash Y2112Y CD
32Crash Y2112Y CD

Y2112Y CD

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Track List
  1. 100Y
  2. Aliens on Earth
  3. Dawning Sun
  4. What Happened Here
  5. The Man Who Came from Later
  6. Into the Hole
  7. Impressionist Piece for a Free Planet
  8. Hyperreal
  9. Kryptonically Yours
  10. Elegy for Himself
  11. Human Decomposition
  12. Not Quite Human
  13. Perpetuum Mobile
  14. xn+1=a*xn*(1-xn)
  15. Lasercutter
  16. The Attack on ZA4
  17. Neighbours
  18. Melang Ohlm s Hit and Run
  19. A Tiny Foil of Oil
  20. The Ol-Lesar Mass
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