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Track List
[Disc 1]
  1. MR Sherlock Holmes, Who Was Usually Very Late in the Mornings
  2. He Now Took the Stick from My Hands
  3. I Laughed Incredulously
  4. The Appearance of Our Visitor Was a Surprise to Me
  5. I Have in My Pocket a Manuscript
  6. Of the Origin of the Hound of the Baskervilles
  7. Now, for Some Space the Revellers Stood Agape
  8. When Dr Mortimer Had Finished Reading
  9. The Facts of the Case Are Simple
  10. I Must Thank You, Said Sherlock Holmes
  11. I Can Well Remember
  12. I Confess at These Words a Shudder Passed Through Me
  13. Sherlock Holmes Struck His Hand Against His Knee
  14. Why Should He Not Go to the Home of His Fathers?
  15. Holmes Returned to His Seat
  16. It Must Be a Wild Place
  17. Our Breakfast-Table Was Cleared Early
  18. Dr Mortimer Looked at Holmes
  19. We Are Coming Now Rather Into the Region of Guesswork
  20. And, Now, Gentlemen
  21. We Heard the Steps of Our Visitors Descend
[Disc 2]
  1. There Now! Said Holmes Bitterly
  2. We Had Been Sauntering Slowly Down Regent Street
  3. Sherlock Holmes Had, in a Very Remarkable Degree
  4. We Had a Pleasant Luncheon
  5. Well, Sir Henry, I Am of One Mind with You
  6. The Ring at the Bell Proved to Be Something
  7. Sir Henry Baskerville and Dr Mortimer
  8. The Journey Was a Swift and Pleasant One
  9. The Wagonette Swung Round Into a Side Road
  10. We Had Left the Fertile Country Behind
  11. The Wheels Died Away Down the Drive
  12. A Square Balustraded Gallery Ran Round the Top
  13. The Fresh Beauty of the Following Morning
  14. Suddenly My Thoughts Were Interrupted
  15. We Had Come to a Point Where a Narrow Grassy Path
  16. Halloa! I Cried. "What Is That?
  17. I Could Not Doubt That This Was the Miss Stapleton
  18. A Short Walk Brought Us to It
[Disc 3]
  1. It Seems, However, That There Must Have Been Some Short Cut
  2. From This Point Onward
  3. He Came Over to Call Upon Baskerville
  4. One Other Neighbour I Have Met Since I Wrote Last
  5. Mrs Barrymore Is of Interest to Me
  6. Baskerville Hall, October 15TH
  7. The Baronet Has Been in Communication
  8. Our Friend, Sir Henry, and the Lady
  9. I Tried One or Two Explanations
  10. Very Stealthily We Heard It Pass Along
  11. No, No, Sir; No, Not Against You!
  12. When They Were Gone We Looked Out of the Window Again
  13. In Five Minutes We Were Outside the Door
  14. We Stumbled Slowly Along in the Darkness
  15. And It Was at This Moment
  16. So Far I Have Been Able to Quote from the Reports
  17. We Had a Small Scene This Morning After Breakfast
  18. With a Few Broken Words of Gratitude
[Disc 4]
  1. October 17th. All Day Today the Rain Poured Down
  2. I Have Only One Other Incident to Record
  3. The Extract from My Private Diary
  4. It Was About the Late Sir Charles Baskerville
  5. Again and Again I Cross-Questioned Her
  6. Luck Had Been Against Us Again and Again
  7. Here Was Luck Indeed!
  8. The Sun Was Already Sinking
  9. For a Minute I Stood There with the Paper
  10. For a Moment or Two I Sat Breathless
  11. But Why Keep Me in the Dark?
  12. The Shape of Some Monstrous Villainy
  13. A Terrible Scream
  14. We Stood with Bitter Hearts
  15. A Figure Was Approaching Us Over the Moor
  16. Were at Close Grips at Last, Said Holmes
  17. Sir Henry Was More Pleased Than Surprised
  18. He Stopped Suddenly and Stared Fixedly
[Disc 5]
  1. I Was Up Betimes in the Morning
  2. One More Direction!
  3. Mrs Laura Lyons Was in Her Office
  4. The Sending of This Letter Was Suggested
  5. One of Sherlock Holmess Defects
  6. As I Watched Them Stapleton Rose
  7. A Sound of Quick Steps Broke the Silence
  8. In Mere Size and Strength It Was a Terrible Creature
  9. The Room Had Been Fashioned Into a Small Museum
  10. And Now I Come Rapidly to the Conclusion
  11. It Was the End of November
  12. We Now Come Back to That Portion of His Life
  13. Driving Back in the Evening
  14. Then We Had the Visit from Our Friends
  15. It Was My Game to Watch Stapleton
  16. It Only Remains to Indicate
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