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    The Great Irish Songbook CD

    Dervish - The Great Irish Songbook CD

    The Great Irish Songbook CD

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    Throughout The Great Irish Songbook, Dervish build off the dynamic they’ve brought to their 13 previous albums and dazzling live performance: a kinetic union of technical brilliance and undeniable soul, endlessly fortified by their immense creativity. With the help of their guest artists, Dervish’s intricately sculpted sound expands and widens and takes on new textures, revealing the limitless possibilities within a single song. The result is an album that instantly transports you to a more charmed state of mind and—like all the most illuminating journeys—imparts a deeper understanding of what’s most essential in life.
    Produced by Graham Henderson (a musician known for his work with artists like Sinéad O'Connor), The Great Irish Songbook delivers 13 of the most iconic and best-loved songs in the Irish tradition. In assembling their lineup of featured guests, Dervish reached out to the many artists with whom they’ve bonded over a shared passion for Irish folk, then called on each musician to select their most cherished song within the genre. Recorded mainly at The Magic Room in Sligo, the finished product finds each collaborator imbuing the album with their own distinct sensibilities while lovingly upholding the time-honored character of the songs.

    1. The Galway Shawl (4:56)
    2. The Sally Garden (6:01)
    3. West Coast of Clare (3:42)
    4. Raglan Road (5:04)
    5. She Moved Thru The Fair (4:03)
    6. Whiskey in The Jar (3:17)
    7. Donal Óg (4:36)
    8. Molly Malone (5:24)
    9. The Rocky Road to Dublin (6:31)
    10. The Fields of Athenry (4:45)
    11. The May Morning Dew (4:09)
    12. The Rambling Irish Man (5:26)
    13. The Parting Glass (5:14)

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