Ethel Waters

1935-1940 CD

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Ethel Waters 1935-1940 CD

1935-1940 CD

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Track List
  1. Hottentot Potentate
  2. Thief In The Night
  3. You're A Sweetheart
  4. How Can I Face This Wearied World Alone?
  5. I'll Get Along Somehow
  6. You're Mine
  7. Frankie And Johnnie
  8. They Say
  9. Jeepers Creepers
  10. Lonesome Walls
  11. If You Ever Change Your Mind
  12. What Goes Up Must Come Down
  13. Y' Had It Comin' To You
  14. Bread And Gravy
  15. Down In My Soul
  16. Georgia On My Mind
  17. Stop Myself From Worryin' Over You
  18. Old Man Harlem
  19. Push-Out
  20. Baby, What Else Can I Do?
  21. I Just Got A Letter
  22. Taking A Chance On Love
  23. Honey In The Honeycomb
  24. Cabin In The Sky
  25. Love Turned The Light Out
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