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Foamy the Squirrel


Foamy the Squirrel SQUIRREL SONGS CD
Foamy the Squirrel SQUIRREL SONGS CD
Foamy the Squirrel


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Track List
  1. Foamy Humming
  2. The Foamy Cult Song
  3. I'm the Lord and Master
  4. Squirrelly Wrath
  5. So I'm a Squirrel
  6. Go Boom!
  7. Get Out More Often
  8. Am I Breakin' (Your Concentration)
  9. Neurotically Yours Theme (Electric)
  10. A Pilz-E Song (Short)
  11. A Pilz-E Song
  12. Instrumental
  13. Giant Cocks Exploding in My Face
  14. Poetic Whore (The Germaine Song)
  15. I'm a Freak
  16. The Germaine Song
  17. All I Wanted Was a Twin-Kee
  18. Just Go to Hell
  19. Shockey Monkey Aaaaaaaahhh
  20. I Want My Prescription Filled
  21. I Hate You
  22. Not Near My Ice Cubes
  23. Creamy Cheese Gummie Bear Song
  24. Don't You Know Anything
  25. Talkin' Squirrelly Wrath
  26. I'll Say It Again
  27. Here's a Story
  28. The Fat Song
  29. You're a Fat Bastard
  30. The Candy Song
  31. Cooking People Song
  32. Sad State of Affairs
  33. Shit Out of Luck
  34. Ban All Religions
  35. Smurfs
  36. Shut Up
  37. The Lost Song
  38. Walkin' Down the Street
  39. Greatest Squirrel of All
  40. Those Who Don't Like Me
  41. Verbal Poison
  42. Dear Song Boy
  43. This Guy's a Stalker
  44. That's the Inconvenient Truth
  45. Web Wasters
  46. I Am Foamy
  47. Rule the World
  48. Squirrelly Wrath, Wrath, Wrath
  49. I'm Loving the War
  50. We Hate You
  51. Squirrelly Whup-Ass
  52. Neurotically Yours Theme
  53. I Really Need to Know
  54. Squirrely Wrath Will Burn Your Face Off
  55. The Crumpet Song
  56. Kill Yourself
  57. West Coast Artist
  58. Get Out More Often (Cartoon Version)
  59. Legal in Cali
  60. I Am An Awesome Squirrel
  61. The Bagel Song
  62. Bunch of Nothing
  63. Crazy Day
  64. Dance on Your Grave
  65. The Germaine Story
  66. Why Would You Want to See Germaine Naked?
  67. Do the World a Favor
  68. Random
  69. No Drugs & I'm Broke
  70. Middle Finger from England
  71. A Goth Squirrel Song
  72. Don't Touch My Nuts
  73. Go Outcasts!
  74. I Don't Give a Crap
  75. The Same Mistakes
  76. Everyone Is a Dumb Motherfucker
  77. Out of Your League
  78. I Hate the Queen
  79. Why Can't You See
  80. Germaine Does Phone Sex for Money!
  81. Padded Material
  82. Anger Built the House
  83. CD Song
  84. 4Y-Records Theme
  85. Secret Song
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