Horizon Zero Dawn / O.S.T.

HORIZON ZERO DAWN / Original Soundtrack Vinyl Record

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Horizon Zero Dawn / O.S.T. HORIZON ZERO DAWN / Original Soundtrack Vinyl Record

HORIZON ZERO DAWN / Original Soundtrack Vinyl Record

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Product Description

Track List
[Disc 1]
  1. A1. Prologue Featuring – Julie Elven
  2. A2. Aloy's Theme Featuring – Julie Elven
  3. A3. Motherless Featuring – Julie Elven
  4. A4. Vanished Voices Featuring – Julie Elven
  5. A5. Seal Your Lips
  6. A6. Tell Me Featuring – Julie Elven
  7. A7. The Point Of The Spear
  8. A8. Years Of Training
  9. A9. The Proving Featuring – Cirlce Percussion*, Julie Elven
  10. A10. A Boon Seeker
  11. B1. Aloy's Journey Featuring – Julie Elven
  12. B2. Envoys
  13. B3. Where You Came From Featuring – Julie Elven
  14. B4. Identification
  15. B5. What The Seeker Had Sought Featuring – Julie Elven
  16. B6. Anointed
  17. B7. The Cavalry Breaks Through Featuring – Circle Percussion, Julie Elven
  18. B8. Across The Daybrink
  19. B9. Victory Featuring – Julie Elven
  20. B10. Homecoming Featuring – Julie Elven
[Disc 2]
  1. C1. City On The Mesa
  2. C2. Meridian, Shining
  3. C3. Delver's Hymnal
  4. C4. To Call Our Own
  5. C5. Song To The Sun - Dawning
  6. C6. Song To The Sun - Evening
  7. D1. Who Do You Remember
  8. D2. Happy Birthday, Isaac
  9. D3. Questions On Questions
  10. D4. Parting The Leaves
  11. D5. Only Dust
  12. D6. The Long Way There
  13. D7. Strange Customs
  14. D8. All According To --
  15. D9. Walking In Circuits
  16. D10. Where You Go
  17. D11. Rarity
  18. D12. Great Heights
  19. D13. Grass Covers Steel
  20. D14. New Vows
  21. D15. A Natural Breath
  22. D16. Her Promise Unfurled
  23. D17. Hold, Then Release
  24. D18. Night In The Valley
  25. D19. Mother's Vigilance
  26. D20. The Dimming Land
  27. D21. Beads Fallen On Bronze
  28. D22. To Hush The Jewel
  29. D23. Brilliance Stirs
  30. D24. As Is Plainly Seen
  31. D25. A Light, Westward
  32. D26. Another Day Rusts
[Disc 3]
  1. E1. Her Breath, Her Land
  2. E2. In Great Strides
  3. E3. Within The Embrace
  4. E4. On Our Mother's Shoulders
  5. E5. The World And All Its Lessons - Alternate
  6. F1. A Resplendent Soil
  7. F2. All That The Light Reaches
  8. F3. This New Wilderness
  9. F4. Machine Dreams
[Disc 4]
  1. G1. Will Against Will Featuring – Julie Elven
  2. G2. Force Multiplication
  3. G3. The Future By Its Throat
  4. G4. Colossal
  5. G5. The Spreading Eclipse
  6. G6. Threat Assessment
  7. H1. The Bad News Featuring – Julie Elven
  8. H2. The Good News Featuring – Julie Elven
  9. H3. Hologram Myth Featuring – Julie Elven
  10. H4. The Memory Of Old Walls
  11. H5. Setting Out
  12. H6. To The Hunt!
  13. H7. Drums In The Sun Ring

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