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Hot Buttered Anal LIES CD
Hot Buttered Anal LIES CD


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Track List
  1. We're Not Retarded
  2. Lies
  3. Just Try It
  4. Choke the Bitch
  5. Time Is the Enemy
  6. I Want a Girl
  7. No One Left
  8. Duct Tape and Sausages
  9. Allegro-Sib-Bone
  10. Good Ol' Days
  11. Everything Sucks
  12. Daddy's Little Girl
  13. World's Greatest Dad
  14. Dear God
  15. Once Upon a Time
  16. Where Are the Zombies
  17. When I Come
  18. We're Not Retarded
  19. Lies
  20. Everything Sucks
  21. Dear God
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