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Bay Area harpist, keyboardist and composer Paul Michael Meredith is a truly original artist and musical storyteller. His passionate works evolved out of a growing love affair with the harp as a compositional instrument. Combining two of the oldest instruments, harp and flute, as well as other instrumentation, Paul weaves melodies that are timeless and heart stirring. Recorded and produced in his private digital studio, Paul's music embodies a depth of feeling and inspiration that's immediately embraced by the ears and heart of the listener. Perhaps one appreciator said it best with, 'this music is so passionate, it deserves a warning label.' 'Daybreak' Day breaks and the air is fragrant with spring as a gentle breeze finds an open window and awakens the dreamer. Shadow becomes light and the tall grass glistens with the morning dew. Life is stirring at the water's edge. This recording has been used in many situations that call for tranquility and letting go. Melodically strong and evocative!

Track List
  1. Daybreak
  2. Through Open Windows
  3. Gentle Breeze
  4. Shadow and Light
  5. Promise of Love
  6. Dusk to Dawn
  7. Water's Edge
  8. Everywhere You Look
  9. Softly
  10. Morning Mist
  11. Redwing Wall
  12. Heart So Full
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