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Track List
[Disc 1]
  1. Introduktion: Andante
  2. In Front of Semyon's Hut. Night (1. Akt)
  3. The Soldier Was Coming Home After the War
  4. Who Do You Need?
  5. Soldier Semyon Kotko Has Come
  6. Woke Up, Got Dressed and Shaved
  7. Good Day, Comrades Neighbours
  8. It's a Pleasure to See You Again
  9. The Soldier Was Coming Home After the War
  10. Father, They Are Coming Back Home
  11. Hello, Soldier, Welcome Back
  12. So Noisy and Buzzy This Drumming of Rain
  13. Frosya!
  14. Mother!
  15. What Is It, I Don't Understand (2. Akt)
  16. Khivrya, What Is It?
  17. We Came to Your Place, Nikanor Vasilievich
  18. The Young Prince Gives You His Best Regards
  19. Seen It in the Black Sea
  20. Woman's Tears!
  21. The Fiancé's Coming
  22. Morgen
  23. Eat?
[Disc 2]
  1. Did You See?
  2. And I Had Again the Same Dream (3. Akt)
  3. Sonya, Is It You?
  4. Well, the Young Prince
  5. I Saw a Dream, Mikola
  6. It's Early, Early, Too Early, the Brother Keeps Asking His Sister
  7. I Can't Hear
  8. Uncle Tsaryov
  9. Permetez Moi de Parle Francais
  10. Let Me Introduce You
  11. No, No, That Was Not Vasilyok
  12. This Is the Way Things Go
  13. Uncle Semyon!
  14. Frosechka, I'm Scared
  15. Bastards!
[Disc 3]
  1. My Lord, Forgive Me (4. Akt)
  2. Well, Well, My Friend Vasya Tsaryov
  3. When I Die, Bury Me in a Grave
  4. It Means
  5. Then It's Here
  6. Cuckoo
  7. Hey!
  8. What a Grief, Any Grief! (5. Akt)
  9. Semyon!
  10. Ahem
  11. Take Your Stand, My Friend
  12. Cavalry's Flying Across the Free Ukraine
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