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Tex Williams CAPITOL YEARS 1946-51 CD


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Track List
[Disc 1]
  1. The California Polka
  2. Rose Of The Alamo
  3. I Got Texas In My Soul
  4. The Leaf Of Love
  5. Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette)
  6. Roundup Polka
  7. Big Bass Polka
  8. Cowboy Polka
  9. Miss Molly
  10. That’s What I Like About The West
  11. Downtown Poker Club
  12. Never Trust A Woman
  13. What It Means To Be Blue
  14. Don’t Telephone, Don’t Telegraph, Tell A Woman
  15. Blue As A Heart Ache
  16. Artistry In Western Swing
  17. Happy Birthday Polka
  18. Suspicion
  19. Flo From St. Joe Mo
  20. Banjo Polka
  21. Pretty Red Lights
  22. Who' Me'
  23. Foolish Tears
  24. Just A Pair Of Blue Eyes
  25. Talking Boogie
  26. Life Gets Tee-Jus, Don’t It'
  27. Big Hat Polka
[Disc 2]
  1. The Traveling Salesman Polka
  2. Old Paint's Complaint
  3. Hurry, Don't Delay
  4. I Cried Myself To Sleep
  5. You Broke Your Promise
  6. Castle Of My Dreams
  7. Johnstown Polka
  8. Ham And Eggs
  9. A & E Rag
  10. Rakes Of Mallow
  11. Hot Pretzels
  12. Cotton Eyed Joe
  13. Bluebird On Your Window Sill
  14. Crocodile Tears
  15. The Winter Song
  16. With Men Who Know Tobacco Best (It's Women Two To One)
  17. Three Little Girls In Blue
  18. Great Big Needle
  19. Birmingham Bounce
  20. Wild Card
  21. Don't Make Love To Mary
  22. Tulsa Trot
  23. She Didn't Even Kiss Me Goodbye
  24. I Lost My Gal From Memphis
  25. Good Night Cincinnati
  26. Black Strap Molasses (Wheat Germ Bread)
  27. I Want To Be Near You (You're The One, The One)
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