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Cody Jinks

Lifers CD

Cody Jinks Lifers CD

Lifers CD

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Lifers opens with a punchy shot of spiritual thirst, "Holy Water," that's laced with ringing steel guitar and female backing vocals. The set wraps up with two honest self-examining confessionals on "Stranger" and "Head Case." In between he tips his hat to the dedication and struggles of hard-working folks on "Lifers," travels through a haunting western landscape on "Western Wind," a place and love he left behind on "Colorado," and examines his musical journey and drive to pursue it on the zesty two-stepper "Can't Quit Enough." "Somewhere Between I Love You and I'm Leavin'" skillfully balances on the edge between heartbreak and desire, while "Big Last Name" and "7th Floor" tell the tales of two markedly different romantic quests.

1. Holy Water (4:39)
2. Must Be the Whiskey (3:25)
3. Somewhere Between I Love You and I’m Leavin’ (3:35)
4. Lifers (3:27)
5. Big Last Name (2:57)
6. Desert Wind (4:22)
7. Colorado (4:03)
8. Can't Quit Enough (3:17)
9. 7th Floor (4:39)
10. Stranger (4:17)
11. Head Case (4:00)

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