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Hank Thompson


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Hank Thompson COLLECTION 1946-62 CD
Hank Thompson COLLECTION 1946-62 CD


$18.49 $16.64
For a limited time only
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Product Description

Track List
[Disc 1]
  1. A Lonely Heart Knows
  2. My Starry-Eyed Texas Girl
  3. California Women
  4. What Are We Gonne Do About the Moonlight
  5. Humpty Dumpty Heart
  6. Don't Flirt with Me
  7. Yesterday's Mail
  8. Green Light
  9. I Find You Cheatin' on Me
  10. You Broke My Heart (In Little Bitty Pieces)
  11. Whoa Sailor
  12. Swing Wide Your Gate of Love
  13. Soft Lips
  14. The Grass Looks Greener Over Yonder
  15. Give a Little, Take a Little
  16. Take a Look at This Broken Heart of Mine
  17. A Broken Heart and a Glass of Beer
  18. New Rovin' Gambler
  19. The Wild Side of Life
  20. Waiting in the Lobby of Your Heart
  21. The New Wears Off Too Fast
  22. You're Walking on My Heart
  23. No Help Wanted
  24. Rub-A-Dub-Dub
  25. Yesterday's Girl
  26. Wake Up Irene
  27. A Fooler, a Faker
  28. Breakin' the Rules
[Disc 2]
  1. We've Gone Too Far
  2. Honky Tonk Girl
  3. The New Green Light
  4. If Lovin' You Is Wrong
  5. Annie Over
  6. Wildwood Flower
  7. Breakin' in Another Heart
  8. Most of All
  9. Don't Take It Out on Me
  10. Honey Honey Bee Ball
  11. The Blackboard of My Heart
  12. I'm Not Mad, Just Hurt
  13. Rockin' in the Congo
  14. I Was the First One
  15. Tears Are Only Rain
  16. How Do You Hold a Memory
  17. Squaws Along the Yukon
  18. I've Run Out of Tomorrows
  19. You're Going Back to Your Old Ways Again
  20. Anybody's Girl
  21. Total Strangers
  22. I Didn't Mean to Fall in Love
  23. A Six Pack to Go
  24. She's a Whole Lot Like You
  25. Oklahoma Hills
  26. Teach Me How to Lie
  27. Hangover Tavern
  28. That's the Recipe for a Heartache
  29. How Many Teardrops Will It Take
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