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    Afrikan Sciences

    MEANS & WAYS Vinyl Record

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    Afrikan Sciences MEANS & WAYS Vinyl Record
    Afrikan Sciences MEANS & WAYS Vinyl Record

    MEANS & WAYS Vinyl Record

    merchbar gold supplier
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    Product Description

    Bursting out of Oakland into the ionosphere; a hot pocket of free jazz, house, blues, African & Latin rhythms; a fully shuffled deck of everything that might expand your head, all fed into the MPC, and hot-wired right into your heart. Now for the first time on vinyl, cut by the steady hand of Dietrich Schoenemann, pressed by the fine folks at Optimal in Germany, and housed in a custom gatefold jacket by Aybee, Deepblak's Chief Alchemist. As Resident Advisor's Christine Kakaire wrote in 2011 "It's perhaps no mystery, though, why Means and Ways, the transcendent debut of Eric Porter Douglass' alias Afrikan Sciencesâ€"seemingly slipped everyone's attention (or rather, slipped my attention), on it's release in April. Flying Lotus' freewheeling is of course, ultimately scribbled in the shorthand of a universal language, hip-hop. Douglass' preoccupation with rhythm, however, fixates on the oddities, the mutations, the dualities and instances of bare collision. His hoarded beats are gleaned from a whirlwind of origins: West London broken beat, the East Coast's '90s house, '40s jazz, indigenous African and Latin rhythms, but they're deployed concurrently and unexpectedly, with cross-beats and displacement used as accents in his own pidgin dialect."

    Track List
    [Disc 1]
    1. Spirals
    2. A Tonk
    3. Two As 36
    4. Call Back
    5. Alpha Male Syndrum
    [Disc 2]
    1. Ejercicios
    2. Entitlement
    3. Go Speed
    4. Wreck Create
    5. Nanorock Skank
    6. Ways and Means

    Each record is protected within its record sleeve by a white vellum anti-dust sleeve.

    All items are shipped brand-new and unopened in original packaging. Every record is shipped in original factory-applied shrink wrap and has never been touched by human hands.

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