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Kiss Tried To Kill Me'

Black Spiders 'Kiss Tried To Kill Me'

Kiss Tried To Kill Me'

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The final instalment from Sheffield’s Black Spiders, which closes the ‘Sons of the North’ chapter. Always putting together something that is just that little bit beyond special (following on from previous EPs 'Cinco Hombres [Diez Cojones]' and 'No Goats in the Omen'), 'KISS tried to kill me' is a huge favourite with fans, so this new EP is set to become the Nation’s favourite.

Lead track ‘KISS tried to kill me’ is always a talking point, with its infectious chorus and intriguing lyrical content - everyone always thinks it’s the bad guy, not this time...... Plus final recordings from the album sessions, ‘Somebody’s fault not mine’ and ‘Sons of the North’, topped off in true Black Spiders style with an awesome version of the Stooges ‘Search&Destroy’. The end of 2011 saw the band undertake massive European tour with Volbeat and then Monster Magnet, expanding Black Spiders already wide range of rock fans. Europe was duly served.

They are gearing up for the Jager Tour 2012, which takes place in April and dates with rock Legends ThinLizzy, so what better way to celebrate with a little reminder of how awesome they are. The band are nominated for a Metal Hammer Golden Gods award 2012 for best new UK band.

Terrorizer ‘Rammed with don’t give a fuck attitude, KISS tried to kill me will make you grow a Colossal amount of facial hair and throw the horns with reckless abandon’. Vive LE Rock ‘This band are slicker than cat shit on lino, more rambunctious than Ozzy on fire and hotter than Satan’s stiffy.’ Big Cheese ‘All hail Black Spiders – they’re going to be huge if there’s any justice and should be riding all over the world because this is the sound of true rock ‘n’ roll.’

1. Kiss Tried To Kill Me
2. Somebody's Fault Not Mine
3. Sons Of The North
4. Search & Destroy

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