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The first official release from multi- instrumentalist, composer, arranger, and producer Adrian Younge, Black Dynamite (Original Motion Picture Score) was the meticulously crafted sonic accompaniment to the 2009 Michael Jai White comedy the title is now being reissued as a limited edition picture disc on Younges own Linear Labs imprint. Inspired by the great blaxploitation soundtracks of the 1970s, Younge commands the Rhodes electric piano, Hammond organ, Hohner Clavinet, harpsichord, synthesizer, vibraphone, guitar, bass, flute, sax, cello, and drums to craft a singular vision of the era. Since it's release, the film has grown into a formidable franchise including a comic book and animated television on Cartoon Network. Now five years later the score is being reissued with the full set of instrumentals and four additional tracks including a rare version of "Jimmy's Dead" by Tommy Davidson. A certifiable cult classic, the film centers around ex-CIA agent Black Dynamites fight to avenge his brother's murder while cleaning up the streets of the deadly Anaconda malt liquor. Having been involved with the film from it's inception, Younges score is intimately woven into the films narrative. As editor, Younge worked closely with director Scott Sanders to ensure the authenticity of the films pace and musical accompaniment. The final result is a clever homage that sounds more like an unearthed gem from the 70's - complete with MPC-ready Wu-Tang samples rather than a modern creation. This authentic sound is one that Younge has been cultivating for years. His ability to replicate the nuanced stylistic effects of a bygone ere are the result of utilizing exclusively vintage analog recording equipment and techniques, and long hours studying the sounds of heroes like Encino Morricone and Curtis Mayfield. Laboring away in his Los Angeles based Linear Labs studio, Younge played every instrument on the record, teaching himself anything he didn't already know. Through a dogged work ethic and determination, Younge has painstakingly constructed a modern vintage sound that harkens to the past with it's sights on the future. Black Dynamite is a must-have for any fan of the blaxploitation era and dark soul music, a modern day classic whose legendary status will only grow stronger over time.

Track List
  1. Black Dynamite Theme
  2. Cleaning Up the Streets
  3. Man with the Heat (Superbad)
  4. Shine
  5. Jimmy's Dead
  6. Shot Me in the Heart
  7. Black They Back
  8. Gloria (Zodiac Lovers)
  9. Anaconda Malt Liquor
  10. Jimmy's Apartment
  11. Jimmy's Dead (Interlude)
  12. Chicago Wind
  13. Rafelli Chase
  14. Jimmy's Dead (Instrumental)
  15. Dynomite (Suckapunch Re-Edit)
  16. Anaconda Unscrew You
  17. Jimmy S Apartment (Alt. Take Feat. Tommy Davidson)
  18. Life of a Hustler
  19. Tears I Cry

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