SOULDIER - 2LP (Vinyl)

Jain SOULDIER - 2LP (Vinyl)

SOULDIER - 2LP (Vinyl)

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"Souldier is an album which was written on the road, crossing various countries and inspirations during its time of writing. I wanted to release it as quickly as I could, to make sure it resembled me as much as possible.

Having mostly highlighted my teenage years and Congolese rumba on "Zanaka", this time around I wanted to show a bit more of myself. The aim was to broaden my influences, both those from my childhood and my current ones.

I’m a big fan of Kendrick Lamar’s flow, Tito Puente’s softness, Fairuz’ elegance and Bob Marley’s melodies and, amongst all this music that I so love, I tried to find my own. That’s how Souldier was born, of the desire to combine what I like, and of the desire to talk of both timeless and contemporary subjects.

For this, I was lucky enough to work with a team of incredible music-lovers with great musical knowledge, with my manager as well as with the great musician and artist Maxim Nucci." - JAIN

Gatefold double vinyl with download code.

Release Date: 24th August 2018

  1. On My Way
  2. Flash
  3. Alright
  4. Oh Man
  5. Inspecta
  6. Dream
  7. Star
  8. Feel It
  9. Abu Dabi
  10. Souldier
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