No.Space.Anymore. Even.Inbetween.Words’

Bromide ‘No.Space.Anymore. Even.Inbetween.Words’

No.Space.Anymore. Even.Inbetween.Words’

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Bromide swaps the Les Paul for the acoustic on follow up home produced album

‘Delicate and accomplished indie romanticism’ Time Out

 ‘Sounds particularly like something Neil Young and Turin Breaks might have collaborated on in the unlikely event they had met at school’ Q Magazine

 ‘Songs that celebrate space and the time cats spend doing nothing’ The Organ

 ‘A promising album in the vein of Smog, Silver Jews and Pinback. “Rollercoaster” would be a jukebox classic in nowhereland’ Gonzo Circus (Netherlands)


1. Snowblind
2. Rollercaoster
3. Records On
4. Butcher Boy
5. Racing Track
6. Car Park Craters (Shining On)
7. Stephen Hawking Lonely In The Stars
8. Fears For George Best
9. Safety Net
10. Hide It In The Churches
11. 2 The 1

Release date: October 2001

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