Some Electric Sometime'

Bromide 'Some Electric Sometime'

Some Electric Sometime'

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Bromide returns to the studio for fourth album with producer Nigel of Bermondsey facilitating.

"Musically upbeat, but lyrically bruised fabulous first studio album in fifteen years from Bromide.. captures the momentary nature of life, and does so magnificently" pennyblackmusic

“Bromide’s songs have a relaxed storytelling style, they’re not in a hurry to impress, happy to await their election into the hall of fame.. They exist in the margins where all the interesting notes are made.” americana-uk

“Simon Berridge's voice is as strong as ever, with the songwriter only gaining in sound and fury” clashmusic

“An album to cherish.. ‘Small Rewards’ has an infectious pop feel to it that radio stations the country over should playlist" amusicalpriority

1. Broken Record
2. Hat to the Ride
3. Small Rewards
4. The View in Winter
5. Tightrope Act
6. Nikki Sudden
7. Nothing’s Going In
8. Treasure Map
9. Triggers
10. We are Reflective
11. Arrangements for a Wedding

Release date: 9th July 2012
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