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Dandelion EP (Expanded Edition)' Vinyl 12" Vinyl Record

CLOUD CASTLE LAKE Dandelion EP (Expanded Edition)' Vinyl 12" Vinyl Record

Dandelion EP (Expanded Edition)' Vinyl 12" Vinyl Record

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Cloud Castle Lake is a threepiece band based in Dublin, Ireland. The band comprises Daniel McAuley, Brendan Jenkinson and Rory O'Connor and often features additional collaborative musicians. The band have supported touring acts such as Glasser, Lisa Hannigan and Nigel Godrich’s Ultraísta and have appeared at festivals all around the country, including Electric Picnic and Body & Soul.

They were invited to perform in Toronto at Canadian Music Week, sold out a performance with the Trinity Orchestra in Dublin’s Unitarian Church and played the Turbine Hall in the Tate Modern during London Fashion Week. Early gigs in Dublin marked them as different, confirming their youthful ambition equal parts pastoral folk and soaring postrock crescendos and bringing them to the attention of a small but growing audience. While their live shows garnered widespread praise, the lack of any recorded material was becoming impossible to ignore.

A few weeks spent in a cottage down the country one summer resulted in hours of recordings which have been slowly refined and stripped back to their core elements recorded, rerecorded, edited, discarded, reimagined a process that has left only the strongest ideas standing. They are at once atmospheric and dynamic movements that rise and fall with the voice and swell in the washes of guitar. Most notably, their songs give one a feeling of being somewhere else, aloft with the sound, following its voice.

Released in March 2015, Dandelion (Expanded Edition) 12”includes the seminal Dandelion EP (originally released in September 2014) . It is evidence of a band who have found their feet in their own time.

This maturity and patience is matched in the music, filled with a grace, personality and ambition that belies their youth. A long time in the making, this is an impressive opening statement.

Tracklisting Vinyl:
Side A:
1. Sync
2. A Wolf Howling

Side B:
3. Mothcloud
4. Dandelion


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