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'It All Worked Out Great' Vinyl Record

Lice 'It All Worked Out Great' Vinyl Record

'It All Worked Out Great' Vinyl Record

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Vinyl LP

Product Description

Emerging from Bristol's artistic community, Lice are the first signing to Balley Records the label run by IDLES Joe Talbot.

Drawing influence from an abrasive clutch of early post-punk groups such as The Fall, Psychic TV, Pere Ubu and Public Image Ltd., LICE's lyrics deal with subjects such as xenophobia and misogyny through first-person monologues and short-stories (designed to confront listeners with their own hateful impulses and biases).

Originally released as 2 limited edition CDEP's this 'early years' collection features the songs that have comprised LICE's live set for the past two years, having been honed, changed and finally completed. 

Lead single Stammering Bill', with a video created by the band themselves, appeared on April 5th, quickly winning praise from the likes of Steve Lamacq ,The Guardian & DIY.

'unmissable: Lice play rockabilly hysteria at an unsustainable pace that collapses deliciously into swampy exhaustion.' The Guardian

1. Stammering Bill
2. Voyeur Picture Salesman
3. Teds Dead
4. Love Your Island
5. Little John Wayne
6. Gentlemens Magazine
7. In A Previous Life
8. Saccharine
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