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Six By Seven

'Dream On' Vinyl Record

Six By Seven 'Dream On' Vinyl Record

'Dream On' Vinyl Record

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Chris Olley from six by seven started recording the Dream On project in December 2019 at Rockfield studios. Everything was recorded live and improvised and later edited and overdubbed in his own Batcave Studio with extra drums being recorded at JT Soar Studios in Nottingham.

As Covid 19 approached, an initial internet-only CD was lreleased and then followed by a double CD in a metal tin. SInce that time, six by seven fans have continued to support Olley via his Bandcamp site and he has now released 9 'virtual' albums of the Dream On Project.

At the conclusion of the project Olley asked the fans to come up with a tracklisting for a limited edition vinyl release. Dream On is this vinyl album. It is very much in the spirit of Neu's second album, featuring lengthy krautrock grooves and experiments in blissed out sound with songs of subtle piano and guitar sounds as well as dark and heavy experiments. It sounds a bit like Talk Talk and it sounds a lot like a typical six by seven record; emotional, melodic, uplifting, groovy and dark, but above all, different.

Side A
1. I Wanna Be Some Wanna Be
2. Denkmal
3. Hooked
4. Stylus
5. Dream On
6. Hey Kid
7. Magic 13

Side B
1. I Have A Dream Of You
2. Are We Recording?
3. Stuck
4. You
5. Sin Clock
6. Celebrate
7. Dream Of You
8. Charlton Heston Blumentahl

Release Date: 16/10/2020
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