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Umphrey's Mcgee

James Flames 'Til We Meet Again Puzzle

Umphrey's Mcgee James Flames 'Til We Meet Again Puzzle

James Flames 'Til We Meet Again Puzzle

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Product Description

Imaginative illustrator, James Flames, has created a piece of holiday art for Umphrey’s McGee, a symbolic love letter to our fans who we miss dearly. His piece, ‘Til We Meet Again,’ is available now as a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle in a first edition of 200.

Artist's Note:

"There’s a Magical Musical World out there – way out there, just floating along happily. And inside this world is where the music lives. The music grows out of the ground like the trees and flowers, and it flows effortlessly like the river. And when this world makes a sound, Little Stars appear, dancing right along to the music.

Down here, surrounded by all the beauty of our own world, we can look up into the sky and see it floating there. And even though that Magical Musical World hasn’t been able to come to visit us for a while, it’s still there, watching over us. We can hear its songs. And we can feel its love. But most importantly, we’re always connected to it by the Road that travels between us, and by the Little Dancing Stars that hitch a ride on that road to come say hi. Every day, the lights get brighter, the stars get closer, and the song gets louder and louder."

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