Process' Vinyl Record

Yvette 'Process' Vinyl Record

Process' Vinyl Record

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Vinyl LP - Transparent

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Limited edition transparent vinyl, with a free download code which includes 9 bonus tracks.

YVETTE are Noah Kardos-Fein and Dale Eisinger. The duo is based in Brooklyn, and make deeply spiritual, wildly aggressive noise music in the tradition of early post-punk and industrial artists like Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, and This Heat. A barrage of rolling toms and sub-bass triggers, processed guitar noise, and monk-like incantations means the music is always physical, but the joy of YVETTE is how well they structure the chaos.

"Theirs is a noise molded into the contours—if not the sound—of pop music, offering an accessible entry point into a world of ugly brutalism," wrote Pitchfork's Stuart Berman, who gave the band's debut record, Process, an 8.1. YVETTE have performed alongside the The Rapture, Hisham Bharoocha, White Suns, Metz, Talk Normal, and are part of the Godmode Music family.

1. Pure Pleasure
2. Cuts Me In Half
3. Mirrored Walls
4. Carbon Copy
5. Tempered Glass
6. Everything in Reverse
7. Attrition
8. Holding Nothing
9. Cold Comfort
10. Absolutes
11. Radiation

12. Release (b-side from Cuts Me In Half cassette)
13. Four Ways (b-side from Process)
14. Scrape It Off (b-side from Radiation 7")
15. Erosion (a-side from Erosion 7")
16. Cold Sweat (b-side from Erosion 7")
17. Vibrations (from YVETTE EP)
18. Plussed (from YVETTE EP)
19. With Fangs (from YVETTE EP)
20. Less (from YVETTE EP)
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